Wedding Car Guide – How to choose Your Wedding Car


If you are reading this then congratulations, you are probably in the middle of planning your big day!


Hopefully this little article will help you on your journey to finding the perfect wedding car. Remember, most wedding cars are someone’s pride and joy, and that’s the delightful thing about this little cottage industry, you are supporting.


1) Charm


The definition of ‘Charm’ is the power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others. You want your wedding car to do this at the very least!


Maybe choose something nostalgic that everyone can relate to, or something you have an aspiration to one day own, or maybe choose something personal to you or someone close to you. Something with a bit of height, good visibility for you out and in for your guests, is also a nice to have.


If you’re still spoilt for choice, or undecided, see if the points below can help.


2) Colour


If you have a colour theme to your wedding, then you may try to find a Wedding car to suit. This is all very well so long as it’s a good colour match, however, finding a wedding car in that particular shade of colour can be a very difficult task! Furthermore, you may end up paying a premium for them to travel to you.


A better way would be to choose a neutral colour, and provide the driver with a box of décor. Maybe a bit of bunting from your venue, or some ribbons that match your seat sashes. The driver can probably put this on when they come to collect you, but make sure you allow enough time and you have discussed this with them in advance.


The colour of your dress is one of the most overlooked and important considerations!


A white dress will wash out against a white car; conversely, an ivory or cream car will show this up nicely.


3) Comfort


Things like the style and colour of your wedding car are probably your top priority. However, your comfort should not be overlooked. Being cramped with creased clothing is absolutely not what you want, so consider a vehicle with enough room for you and your dress.


Other details like, has the vehicle been lowered, is it factory height? Changes like this may make the ride and handling a little uncomfortable, especially on potholed roads. It may also make the vehicle less safe in an accident (lowering the designed impact zone). Also do the seats look nicely padded or is there just an inch of foam? Can a window be opened for ventilation? Is there working heating on board for a cold day?


4) Capacity


Is there enough room for my bridesmaids, parents, flowers, and maybe even the dog, so we can all travel comfortably?

Do I have any children that will require car seats?


Bridesmaid's Car - You may also wish to have your bridesmaids travel in a separate car behind you. Again you can tie the two cars together with the décor you provide to the drivers.


5) Considerations


If you’re booking through an agency, the middle man will probably be taking a cut for their time, and you may find a better price through a smaller reputable individual or company.


Negotiating price with the hirer is always a possibility, though please remember, classic vehicles have very high upkeep and running costs. Hire companies also have to generate enough turnover, on a limited number of dates, to be viable and make a living. To check you’re getting good value for money, compare the price with those published on other websites.

Also always check the reviews prior to booking! Facebook and Google are great places to start.


In Summary


We hope this article has been useful, remember making an entrance is an integral part of your big day. It’s also an opportunity for you and your partner to have some alone time on the day, so if you’re getting married at the same location as your reception, maybe consider a post ceremony romantic drive. You could even bring your photographer along for a photoshoot with the car!


We feel the service we offer with Lola our 1974 VW Campervan ticks all the above boxes. Please do get in touch if you would like a bespoke quotation in parts of South London, Sussex, Surrey or Kent.


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